We Offer

Sports Performance


Individuals who compete in Sports often have specific needs based on their individual competition. Some of the specific needs include speed training, power, plyometrics, injury prevention and more efficient movement patterns.

Small Group/Family Training


One huge goal of ours at USF is to combine time with Family/Friends and fitness. We offer a personalized approach to this group training. Each person can work on individual goals while not losing the valuable time with our loved ones. 

Personal Training


The idea to personal training has been around for decades. However, our idea is to not just physically train people, but move to a much more personal level. We care about who you are and what make you who you are. This what makes our personal training, personal.

Group Classes


Group Training is often the best therapy. You can sign up at times that best fit you. Our classes are (usually) Fun and High energy, and always address a wide variety of fitness needs.

Clinics and Seminars


Love to learn? We love to teach. From speed to personal development, our goal is educate and empower you and your team. Leaving you with tools to crush your goals!

Team Training


Teams are groups of people working toward a common goal. Groups working together build trust and  camaraderie that yields great results. "Strength in Numbers"